Identifying The Situation

As our team works on each and every aspect of advancement in construction terrain, especially the exterior flooring sector; we update our clients regarding the same with no time basis. Initial stage of service includes identifying your situation, and understanding your exact requirement considering the project.
The study includes the understanding of rival companies, products, market demands, cost of production, revenue and biz etc.., which differs from place to place. As each area has different market possibilities, our team Imprime helps to identify the best market strategy for your investment

Adopt The Perfect Solution

Depending upon the client’s investment, market condition and production plant setup concerns, team Imprime helps you choose the best possible option on your investment. We categorize the projects according to the production quantity. Each client is provided with the best options of investments considering all the above criteria.



SoftPVC Moulds

Rubberized PVC or Soft PVC is the vital product that is sold to the client. Soft PVC moulds are the first rate product that has been introduced to the market to overrule all other kind of moulds such as plastic and Rubber. All the advantages of rubber moulds are achieved by the Rubberized PVC moulds which makes the product economical. This leads to world-wide acceptance and establishment of production units with the Soft PVC moulds . First rate certifications and quality check of the moulds are executed, for the each batch production of Rubberrised Poly vinyl Chloride Moulds.


The secondary part of initial investment over the plant will be machines, which should be simple and decisive. As the basic law for the production is vibroforming technology, two tables with 3 meters length is considered to be the vital part for the vibration process. The moulds filled with concrete and add-on ingredients are passed through the vibrated tables and are transferred from one end to the other. This settles down the concrete as air escapes from the mix with vibration process. Concrete mixer machines with different configurations are traded to the clients. As to make the production economical color layer con concrete is mixed in Pan Mixers as well as the heavy batch concrete mixers are used for base layer mixing.

Add On

Chemicals are mixed with concrete and water reducing agent. As the technology applied is of wet cast category, no water curing is provided to the paver blocks. The chemical helps the concrete to bond without the curing by water. Both liquid and solid state of chemical is traded by the company.

Pigments or Synthetic color oxides are the other essential add on, which is mixed with the front layer concrete for the pavers. As to make the production economical, the synthetic color oxides are mixed only to the top layer concrete. Pan Mixer is used for color mixing. The standard thickness of the top layer is about 15mm, as the color layer should only be identified at top of paver blocks.



Team Imprime ventures Outshines in areas of technical assistance for plant erection, installation as well as commissioning. Team works for years in commerce of wet cast plant setup and production assistance is provided for the setup of paver production plants for clients.


Is preparing the physical side of site for new piece of kit and fitting it in place. Including construction of plant, electrification, machine fixation etc., this is carried out by the supervision and propositions.


The preparation of the kit for working, e.g.: filling machines with oil, connecting up the electrical cables, other cramped fitting units.


Commissioning refers to the running of the facilities that were installed. In our case, both the facile working of machinery as well as casting of pavers with its perfection is done. Trial runs are made and fixing of the appropriate quantities of the ingredients is done. The client company personnel and manpower is served with explicit information over running of machineries, maintenance instructions, production procedure and raw material handling, product handling ingenuity etc.


About a decade before the conventional method of compression technology was followed to manufacture the paver blocks that slackened due to its lousy strength and abominable appearance. As compression technique is adopted the moulds where built of metal dies and lacks the perfection of the products. This leads to the research for more plausible product and was introduced in wet cast production approach. With the intense research Vibro forming technology is introduced, considered and accepted to be the ultimate approach for paver production for last 10 years.



As the technology is developing each day, team Imprime takes effort in exploration of the latest introduction to the market. Clients are updated with each aspect on the innovations about technology and its advancements. This makes the clients to revamp their business.