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our Vision

To serve our customer with superior quality products and services, to establish Interlock paver production plants worldwide with advanced wet cast production.

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our mission

Being an ethical trade partner and prominent provider of superior paver construction services, by consistently improving the quality of our products thus, adding value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance.

our Promise

Imprime Ventures is established with a promise of offering Innovative quality Products and Timely Supplies across Globe through our extensive manufacturing facility for PVC molds production located at Kanjikode, Kerala. Equipped with high-tech modern machineries operating 24 hours a day, we are committed to ensure uniform quality products.

our Essence

We are guided by the Core concept of Adorability, Adaptability & Affordability . We offer wide range of products which can best fit into our customers’ needs.

Adorability: Minimalistic designs inspired from the concept of Beauty and simplicity, all our ranges are distinctly designed to get the design symmetry.

Adaptability: All our products are checked with stringent quality norms to ensure optimum performance for longer period of time.

Affordability: Keeping in mind the requirement of different segment of customers, we have a vast range of products at different price points that make our products affordable. With World class technology and top quality products, Imprime Ventures is committed to provide better solutions and services to customers.

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Imprime Ventures
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Vibration of moulds with filled ingredients at a high frequency and low intensity results in a brick of impeccable fortitude, durability and refinement. It is this key theory of vibroforming that has revolutionized paver technology. Vibroformed tile manufacturing technology has moved ahead of the conventional method by leaps and bound in many parts of the world.

The vital part of the production is Mould, which is the most innovative product lately introduced to the market called Rubberized PVC or Soft PVC. In the beginning of the paver technology, wet cast production was introduced by the plastic moulds. Which has come to rule the market, but it faced problems in reliability, inconsistency in production and very less life span.

This leads to the introduction of rubber moulds to the market and which was considered to be the best possible Moulding solution in wet cast moulding technology at that time. Due to lack of other reliable products in market, investors are compelled to purchase rubber moulds even it’s so expensive.

This turn out to the research of substantial products that can overrule the dominance of rubber moulds in all the aspects such as Price, Durability, Green, Recyclable, chemical resistance, sustainability, weight, specific density and all other factors. This leads to the invention of paver moulds made of soft PVC or Rubberized PVC, which adopts all the elements that makes technology endorsed. After years of research the product is launched 8 years ago with the best in class features.