Paver Production technique employing the Vibroforming table and Rubberized Poly vinyl Chloride moulds has been introduced to market in recent years which conquer the market of interlock paving blocks and tiles. The current market itself illustrates the demand of paver blocks, produced with this technology, is far impressive than the one produced with conventional methods.

The key theory of high frequency and low intensity vibration of PVC moulds filled with ingredients. This make the brick impeccable in fortitude, durability, and refinement. Paving blocks, vibroformed in SOFT PVC moulds, tends to be wet casted and results in the finest quality production of tiles and blocks turn to be the latest trend in paver production.

Wet cast concrete production is one of the emerging technologies in construction sector, which dominates in numerous aspects. The technology has attained worldwide recognition, noticeably in exterior flooring solution, Wet cast paving block production.

Good Structure Better Stability

During initial stage, we grasp the market position you hold, to identify your clients and their claims. In sync with your planning squad, we determine the ideal solution for production and enact the structure of your field. Promptly the installation of the establishment can be done in accordance with the study results. As we perceive ‘time is money’, we pledge with on time deliveries with integrity.