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Rubber moulds India

Silicone rubber is a stretchy material that is widely used in industry and home use and has become very much a part of our lives. Because the uncured silicone rubber is liquid, you will typically find this material used to brush on the outside of a shape to form something called a “glove mold”. Or you can pour it onto a flat item to create a “blanket mold”. A very common use of this material is to form a “block mold” where the item to be molded is placed into a box and the silicone rubber is poured around it, creating a block-shaped mold. Pourable silicone rubber typically has an open time (workable time) of 30-45 minutes, depending on the brand, and will be cured and ready to de-mold in several hours time. Different brands vary greatly in their timing, the strength of the finished mold, and their flexibility. For molding small items quickly, though, you might be more interested in a silicone mold putty.

Paver moulds India

Imprime ventures are best suppliers of paver moulds across India. Our experts will guide you to find out the appropriate design that suits you the most. All the products from Imprime Ventures are checked with stringent quality norms to ensure optimum performance for longer period of time.

Paver production

Imprime ventures follows the most advanced technology for the production of pavers. Our paver production unit consists of skilled professionals and the most effecient machines. Minimalistic designs inspired from the concept of Beauty and simplicity, all our ranges are distinctly designed to get the design symmetry

Interlock tile moulds

The interlock tile moulds a high thickness product, which, thanks to their strength, are resistant to any type of vehicle. Does it consist of that much strength? You may be wonder. If the quality is at the peak rate then we would get the best result. Imprime ventures always maintain the quality in our products to make the best.

Imprime PVC Mould VS Rubber & Plastic Moulds

1 Life cycle High Intermediate MORE PRODUCTION
2 Carbon mark on pavers Nil Affected IMPROVED QUALITY
3 Specific density 1.2(authentic weight for use) 1.5 LIGHT MOULDS
4 Coloring Frequent change is possible Difficulty in cleaning makes absurd EASY IN COLOR APPLICATION
5 Acid resistance Very high Moderate NO PITTING EFFECT
6 Alkaline resistance Very high Moderate NO ABRASIVE EFFECT
7 Texture imprints Very high Moderate BEST IMPRINTS POSSIBLE
8 Weight of moulds Less High ECONOMICAL
9 Price Cheap Expensive COST EFFECTIVE

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