We manufacture the premium quality Rubber PVC Moulds which will be superior to other moulds and why we are offering you a replacement warranty for 2 years(*adhered to instructions). Please ref. below images

Imprime Ventures
Imprime Ventures

In the above mentioned image it is clear that weight of a mould (hence price) varies slightly due to various factors, which includes

Sl. No. Imprime PVC Mould Features Advantages
1 Wall Thickness 15mm High strength
2 Bottom Belt 18.5mm Helps to retain shape
3 Additional step cuts Durability
4 Inside Taper Avoid deformation
5 High Grade Raw Material Long Life
6 Perfect Chemical Composition To avoid sticking with concrete

The above listed contributes for a better quality mould which in fact makes it durable & reliable for long run. So considering quote value for a mould without considering its weight and design is not suggestible. Imprime Ventures provides you the best quality moulds in terms of high quality material and have a perfect design for a durable mould.

Imprime Ventures
Imprime Ventures
Imprime Ventures

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