Ground water is a major water supply source and its replenishment is essential for the nourishment of all life forms. Water conservation is the potential, the most cost effective and environmentally sound way to reduce demand of water.

Interlock pavers made by Imprime PVC moulds aid to restore water and green to your environment and helps to keep the dust and dirt at bay and allows the water to percolate. Thus the pavers uplift the natural beauty of the surrounding area by enhancing the greenery.

Imprime Ventures
Imprime Ventures

The pavers have been designed and engineered such that it allows rainwater to percolate into the soil. Every single paver comes with a specially designed nib on the side which maintains a minute space between two adjoining pavers allowing the water to flow down.

The pavers once laid restrain water logging considerably .This type of pavers also allows the ground below to breath.

Also these paver surfaces can be pulled up and relayed if necessary to accommodate new plumbing or a sprinkler system unlike concrete. These pavers can simply be lifted and kept side effortlessly for laying cable wires without any digging and breaking maintaining an aesthetic appeal of the interlocking pavers.

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