Imprime Ventures Pvc moulds for Parking Tiles


Vibroforming Table
Technical Specification
Power : 2 HP Motor/Table x2 table
Total Horse Power : 4 HP
Vibrating Table Size Length : 3000mm x
Width :830mm x
Height: 900mm
(Total length : 8000mm)
Max. size of tiles : 600 x 600mm
Max. height of tiles : 100 (recommended)
Weight : 600kg . x2 (approx)
Movement of rubber molud : Due to vibration with manual
intervention in vibration table
Production Capacity : 2000 sqft./shift for Interlock
2500 sqft./shift for Tiles

Vibration Table

Vibration Table is equipped for vibration of plastic moulds which are filled with concrete for the compaction process. The Moulds are transited from one end to the other without any manual intervention.

Imprime Ventures Pvc moulds for Parking Tiles

Pan mixer

Pan mixer is used for the mixing of the color oxides and concrete layer which is scooped first to the mould. Then the moulds are transited to the first vibration process, for the compaction of the layer.

Imprime Ventures Pvc moulds for Parking Tiles
Tile Mixer Machine for Face Mixing
Technical Specification
Capacity : 150 kg. /batch
Power : 3 HP. motor (Jai/Kirlosker)
Drum Speed 35 RPM
Plate Thickness :Bottom :10mm
Drum plate:10mm
Dimension 32" dia., depth 16"
Reduction Gear Box System :Ratio : 40:1 , No: 3,
Brand :MM Gears/Helicon
Bearing :SKF
Muller Type Base Mixing Machine
Technical Specification
Capacity : 500 kg.
Power : 7.5 HP. motor (Jai/Kirlosker)
Dimension 50" dia., depth 18"
Weight 750 kg
Muller Rotation P Mi :16 RPM
Plate Thickness 12 mm bottom
Drum plate:10mm
Gear Box System Bottom (open type)
Bearing :SKF

The grey mixer

The grey mixer is used for mixing of second layer of concrete mix which doesn’t have a colour. The second layer is filled and vibrated again for compaction.

Imprime Ventures Pvc moulds for Parking Tiles


Imprime Ventures Pvc moulds for Parking Tiles


SMF Powder is a super plasticizer and high range water reducer for construction and industrial products based on Portland cement and other types of hydraulic cement. SMF Powder is used as an additive in all types of grouts, mortars, coatings and as a component of concrete admixtures and emulsions.

Powdered super plasticizer is a spray dried powder with free flowing characteristics ideal for dry blending and water dissolution.

The SMF powder is mixed with the concrete with a certain amount as the water reducing agent. This will allow the concrete inside the paver moulds to cure easily without water. The water usage for curing is saved with the usage of SMF powder.


Iron oxides are chemical compounds composed of iron and oxygen. All together, there are sixteen known iron oxides and oxyhydroxides. Here these oxides act as the pigments, to deliver the color to the paving blocks. The color oxides are dry mixed with the front layer concrete which is mixed in pan mixer with a certain amount to obtain the perfect color for the pavers.

Imprime Ventures Pvc moulds for Parking Tiles

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